We. Are. Alab.

We chose “alab”—Filipino word meaning “to be aflame”—for obvious reasons. Our work as a network of publications is fueled with burning passion, an intense hunger for learning, and the desire to build communities.

Since we first started in late 2017, we have built what we call “passion sites”, websites that are built for people, not niches. We have sites that cover the following topics: movies & TV, lifestyle, food, culture, technology, business, and more.

Coming into 2019, we are widening our horizons in offering content, digital marketing, and Wordpress development services to companies who want to make a genuine connection with their audience online.

Our approach is people-centric, data-driven, and ultimately effective. Some say it’s magic. Maybe it is.



Wordpress Development

A low-cost solution for small businesses who need a Wordpress site in a jiffy. Get a website uniquely tailored around your brand without spending top dollar.

Content Creation Services

Work with some of the most talented content writers and producers in the country. Get no-fluff, brand-conscious, and high-quality content created to best serve who you are as a brand.

Sponsorship and Advertisements

Tap your target audience directly through our premier "passion sites". Buy spots for ad banners (display), sponsored posts and video (native), and ad slots on our YouTube shows and podcasts.


Let's build your fire.

Fueled with passion, we're determined to help brands carry a message. Regardless if it's building sites, creating content, or advertising, Alab.Media will help you set your brand's trails ablaze.